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Our Focus


Yang Style Tai Chi 24 Form

We start new students off with our 24 Form Yang Style Tai Chi. This form specifically helps to correct body alignment and posture. The goal of Tai Chi 24 Form is to help your body and mind find a healthy medium.


Yang Style Tai Chi 108 Form

Advanced students begin learning our 108 Form Yang Style Tai Chi. This form helps relax the body, mind, and works energy throughout the body. We first start with proper structure, then move to energy work throughout the body.

Our Approach

We believe that building a strong foundation creates a bright future. That’s why we focus on three main aspects of tai chi.

These three aspects include: Posture, Breathing, and Movement



In Tai Chi, you need to create a connection from the top of your head to the middle of your perineum. The idea is to feel as though a thread is being pulled through your body. This is one of the most important aspects about tai chi, because without proper posture, you cannot move energy evenly throughout your body. 



One of the goals of Tai Chi is to breathe through your Dan t’ian. Deep belly breaths are the foundation to a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. We prioritize breathwork and want our students to understand the internal aspects of energy movement.



The initial aspect of Tai Chi is choreography. The importance of movement is without proper movement, your body degrades faster. If you do not move properly on a daily basis, you will find yourself with issues in your feet, legs, hips, and more. Our goal is to help our students have proper movement in both the form and in daily life.


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