Tai Chi and Taoist Meditation
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Our Practice

At Green Frog Tai Chi, we teach Yang style. Our Yang Style is taught in the 108 form and 24 form. Our teaching approach is to empower our students with the internal energy to balance your health, wellness, and fitness. This energy can be applied to both martial applications and your overall health. Our forms were passed down from Yang Chengfu to Li Zhi Shen to Eugene, the instructor of Green Frog tai chi. 

For our Yang 108 form, there are three sections that we teach. The typical time to complete the form is around 25 minutes, while the Yang 24 form is 8 minutes. We place an emphasis on Breathing and Qi circulation techniques. This is very important to understand your body, destress from everyday work, and discover internal harmony. See our schedule below.

We teach every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Yoga Shala West.

Our Teaching Address:

Yoga Shala West

11271 National Blvd B, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Weekly Schedule

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Beginner Membership


Advanced Membership



Please call (602) 326-9204

or email us at richardpolmans@gmail.com